Welcome to NGā ART

We are Te Whare Toi o Ngaaruawaahia, trading as NGĀ ART. We are the local art centre that has served the Ngaruawahia and surrounding communities since 2002. We develop and deliver creative art experiences, workshops, classes and events with and for our community. We strive to create positive, uplifting art experiences that improve the lives of our people and contribute to the vibrancy of Ngaruawahia and the surrounding communities.

Project – Community Fence Panels

“Do not fear mistakes – there are none.”

Miles Davis, jazz musician

With a large array of creative opportunities our vision is to be the creative hub of Ngaruawahia. We deliver programmes that cater for all. We welcome everyone regardless of your ability, knowledge, experience, ethnicity, culture or age.

We exhibit community art to showcase and celebrate our diverse community.